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We towed my friend’s boat with the Seacycle !

“A feedback? In fact I have two that come back to me. No. 1- The seacycle is very silent on the water. Situation: It is morning, sun is shining, the water is like a mirror and suddenly a loon springs from the water, very close to me! Without being scared he follows me a few moments before diving again. I really did not need any google to observe this beautiful bird, it was a magic moment! no. 2-The seacycle is relatively powerful. Situation: My wife and I leave for a ride in seacycle and arriving on the other side of the lake, we see the boat of my friend “Gilbert” which has detached from its inking and drifting. Without losing a minute, we catch up the boat and tow it to its point of inking. His boat is a 17-foot in-board. I still have a lot of fun with this story.

Line and Vital Baie Cascouia, Kénogami, Lake QC, Canada

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