We towed my friend’s boat with the Seacycle !

“A feedback? In fact I have two that come back to me. No. 1- The seacycle is very silent on the water. Situation: It is morning, sun is shining, the water is like a mirror and suddenly a loon springs from the water, very close to me! Without being scared he follows me a few moments before diving again. I really did not need any google to observe this beautiful bird, it was a magic moment! no. 2-The seacycle is relatively powerful. Situation: My wife and I leave for a ride in seacycle and arriving on the other side of the lake, we see the boat of my friend “Gilbert” which has detached from its inking and drifting. Without losing a minute, we catch up the boat and tow it to its point of inking. His boat is a 17-foot in-board. I still have a lot of fun with this story.

Line and Vital Baie Cascouia, Kénogami, Lake QC, Canada

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Efficient Seacycles in the North Sea

As you can see, the efficient pedal boat or pedal catamaran Seacycle has been put to the test for more than 25 years (since 1992).

There are even cruises in the Atlantic North Sea that started in 2018 aboard a 5 stars cruise ship with 2 Seacycles on board. These are used to go near the coast and photograph polar bears, whales and of course the beautiful landscapes.

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