Drive Unit Spec

SEACYCLE Drive Unit Specification

HEIGHT:  36″ total, 12″ from top to deflection plate and 24″ to bottom, pedals are 4″ from top and 9 1/2″ above deflection plate

WIDTH: 7 1/2″ to 8 1/2″ at deflection plate, protrusion with prop is 11″

THICKNESS: 3″ at top, 4″ at deflection plate, 16″ with pedals

DRAFT: 20″ when used in conjunction with our hardware

GEAR RATIO: 6 to 1

–Pedal cadence of 60 to 80: the output shaft rpm = 360 to 480.

–Pedal cadence of 100: the output shaft rpm = about 600.


TRIM ADJUSTMENT: Infinite when used in conjunction with our hardware

PROPS: Available 12 to 16″ X 3″ blade. 13” standard is absolute best for easy pedaling.

CHAIN: #25 Bicycle chain & sprocket available from us

REMINDER:  Always remove drive units while not in use, and keep drive units in an upright position to avoid loss of oil.  Drive units should never be submerged past the splash guard. New drive units should have the chain tensioned after 1 hour, 2-3 hours & checked after 6 hours.  Chain should be checked at least 1 time per month after that for home use and a minimum of weekly in resort/commercial use.

Regularly check drive shaft for tangled debris to avoid damage to O-Ring that keeps it water tight.

Shipping Specs:  45′ X 15″ x 13″ @38 lbs


Composition: Plastic

Sizes: 12″ – 16″ X 3″

Pitch: 22 degrees

Accomodates a 1/2″ shaft

Attaches: pin