”Sail for all” kit – Exclusive at Seacycle Canada

”Sail for all” kit – Exclusive at Seacycle Canada

$1,950.00 $1,650.00

CAN $ $1,995 $300 $1,695
US $ $1,496 $225 $1,271
EURO € 1,329 € 200 € 1,129


The option ‘Sailing for all’ allows everyone to handle the sail easily and comfortably sitting on a seat.

The goal is safety first and foremost. The sail is relatively small and the catamaran is very wide on the water, it virtually eliminates the risk of capsizing.


The ‘Sail for all’ kit includes:

  1. A 2.7 sm, angled head sail with window. Sail bag included.
  2. An aluminum mast support painted black with rubber pads.
  3. An aluminum mast of 11.5 ft in 2 pieces.
  4. A lifting and lowering system for the mast, operable even on the water.
  5. An aluminium pivoting centerboard system painted black adapted on the rudder system.
  6. Ropes, straps and sail lines.
  7. Stainless steel hardware set with pulleys, cleats and fixtures.
  8. Installation instruction on the Seacycle.

Seacycle – ‘Sail for all’ option tutorial 101